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Service Packages

Admission Guarantee*: We offer a one-stop shop to help you complete all paperwork, visa, and housing application with one click, and save your time by up to 80%.


We provide free webinars and application checklists for all our programs. Our service packages include peer-to-peer consulting and 24-hour emergency service to make your study abroad experience as smooth as possible.

What's More?

AI-based Application Platform AI智能项目申请平台
Application 申请支持
Application 申请支持
Application 申请支持
Fast-track Application & Admission Guarantee 快速申请及录取保证通道
Customer Support via Email 客服邮件支持
Application Pre-screen & Q&A 申请常见问题解答与材料预审
Prepare & Complete Program Application 申请材料填写与提交
Student Account & Campus Email Registration 学生账户与邮箱注册
Document Translation & Notarization 成绩单及语言成绩证明翻译及认证
Course Selection Instruction & Q&A 选课常见问题解答
Housing Application (Rent not Included) 住宿申请确认(不含住宿费)
1 Free Language Test (Duolingo/iTEP, etc.) 一次符合申请要求的免费线上语言测试(多邻国/iTEP)
30-min 1-on-1 Course Selection Counseling 30分钟1对1选课咨询
Preferred Housing Guarantee (Rent not Included) 优选住宿保障(不含住宿费)
VIP Customer Support (Reply within 8 Hours) VIP客服支持(8小时内回复)
VIP Academic Support from Senior Advisors 高级顾问选课指导及咨询
Local Currency Payment Portal 免手续费人民币结算通道
Expedited Application Filing 加急申请服务
Visa 签证支持
Visa 签证支持
Visa 签证支持
Visa Document Pre-screen签证材料审核(不含领馆费用)
Apply and Receive the I-20 Document I-20签证材料的申请与签收
Proof of Financial Support Template 经济担保材料证明指导
Interview Appointment & Preparation 签证面试预约与面签准备
DS-160 Form Submission DS-160表格填写提交
Border Entry Form Template 美国入境表格模板
All-Inclusive Visa Package (include $535 SEVIS & Visa Fee) 签证费用全包套餐(含$535SEVIS费用、所有领馆费用)
Expedited Visa Appointment Service 签证预约加急服务(不含渠道加急费)
I-94 Form (US) 美国I-94出入境表格模板
100% Visa Guarantee (pre-screen needed) 100%面签保障(需预审)
Travel 行程支持
Travel 行程支持
Travel 行程支持
Free SIM Card (US Only) 免费海外SIM卡(仅美国项目)
Local Airport Pick-Up 海外机场接机
Pre-departure Checklist 行前注意事项及指南
Premium Airport Pick-Up 贵宾级举牌接机
Campus Tour 校园参观 & Local Travel Guide & 本地旅行指南
Pre-departure Shopping & Delivery 行前物品购置及寄送
Safety 安全保障
Safety 安全保障
Safety 安全保障
Vaccination Certificate 疫苗证明支持(双语)
Immunization & Insurance Requirement Consultation 疫苗及保险要求咨询
Insurance w/ 24hr Emergency Service 24小时紧急服务保险
Insurance w/ Out-of-pocket Maximum 最佳保险(含最高自付额)
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