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China Reopens Visa Applications for Intl. Students - NAFSA

After more than 2 years of tight restrictions on travel, a number of Chinese embassies announced last week that the country has begun to reopen its borders and welcome international students, according to University World News. Per coordinated announcements by embassies around the world, more than 50 countries are included in "new visa policies" that will allow international students to once again apply for visas and eventually enter the country. Meanwhile, tourists are still barred from entering the country, and the zero-COVID policy remains in place.

Amid these positive developments in the inbound student market, the PIE News speaks with stakeholders who see indications of "significant improvement" in the trajectory of China's outbound student market. Despite recent data underscoring the slow recovery of the outbound market, agents and other experts say interest in education abroad remains strong among Chinese students and parents, and that the loosening of COVID-related travel restrictions will increase mobility not only for inbound students but for outbound students as well.

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