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Business and Personal Branding


$ 485



8 Weeks



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January 10 - February 28

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Exploring the reasons why brands are so valuable and the factors that contribute to that value

are crucial elements when developing a comprehensive marketing strategy. This course will

examine the relevance and differentiation of brands. The concepts of branding will be explored

to understand how branding of a product, company (or purpose) influences customer perception

and the strategic thinking behind brand development. Real-world examples will illustrate how

marketing communication tools and techniques can be used to build both a competitive

advantage and brand equity. Personal branding is the practice of people marketing themselves

and their careers as brands. Personal branding will be an important element of this class.



·       帮助学生在瞬息万变的时代设计并建立个人品牌;

·       探究营销策略中,产品品牌价值的构成及促成因素;

·       探索品牌概念,深入了解产品和公司品牌是如何影响客户的感知;理解品牌发展背后的战略思维;

·       以著名品牌为实例,探讨品牌定位之间的关联及差异性;

·       以实际案例介绍最新的营销传播工具和技术,建立竞争优势和品牌资产。



·       定义并区分产品与品牌的异同;

·       在制定品牌策略时,理解消费者行为对其产生的影响;

·       探索建立品牌战略及推广时充分利用的SWOT分析;

·       洞察标志性品牌及其创造价值和影响力的方式

·       在变化的时代设计并建立个人品牌。(*团队项目作业)

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Remote: All class meetings are scheduled and held in real-time using Zoom, allowing for live interaction with your classmates and instructors. Course materials can be accessed any time through an online learning platform.

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January 10 - February 28

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