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The Business of Entertainment


$ 745



11 Weeks





September 19 - December 4


With the entertainment industry converging into a worldwide mass media, both business and operation models continue to rapidly evolve. This introductory course for producers, directors, writers, development personnel, and aspiring media executives examines the changing business issues associated with the entertainment industry. Through lectures, discussions with industry guests, and case studies, instruction focuses on current business and production issues and introduces new business models to navigate content onto new distribution platforms. Some history is highlighted to provide a context for current practices and potential. The course also features opportunities to meet senior entertainment industry executives in various sectors. Topics include financing, contracts, intellectual property issues, licensing, worldwide theatrical marketing and distribution, worldwide home entertainment marketing and distribution, worldwide television production and distribution, multi-channel network distribution and opportunities, the impact of piracy, and leveraging new distribution platforms. By the end of the course, students should have an understanding of the opportunities available in the business of entertainment.


Vernon Mortensen

Vernon Mortensen

Filmmaker and Development Executive. Mr. Mortensen wrote and produced the movies Army Dog and A Sierra Nevada Gunfight, and produced and directed the limited series Universal Dead, as well as the pilot for the new animated series Mars Bar. He is in pre-production on Dakota, starring Megan Fox.


Online: Course content is delivered weekly through an online learning platform where you can engage with your instructor and classmates at your convenience. Assignments are due regularly, but there are no required class meetings. Optional office hours with the instructor are offered through Zoom. This flexible learning format allows you to access course content anywhere, anytime, on your schedule.


September 19 - December 4

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