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Digital Analytics


$ 795



11 Weeks





September 19 - December 4


Digital analytics is a set of business and technical activities that create and collect "big data" and process it for analysis, recommendations, optimizations, and predictions. This course defines the term "digital analytics" and focuses on its importance in marketing. It provides technical information to understand and implement digital analytics in an organizational context; examines digital analytics strategies, including segmentation, context, and conversion attribution; defines KPIs and key metrics used in digital analytics; explores various tools and software used to track analytics, such as Google Analytics; discusses website optimization; and covers webmaster data integration with analytics.


Mindy Serin

Mindy Serin

Mindy has more than a decade of experience in planning, conducting and managing digital projects. She is currently a Digital Strategist, focusing in research, testing, design, and analytics. Mindy is also an instructor at General Assembly, where she designs workshops to train students in web design, user testing, and web analytics. Prior to freelance work and teaching, Mindy led digital strategies at Futures Industry Association (FIA) in Washington, DC.

Prior to FIA, Mindy spent a few years on political campaigns around the country. Mindy enjoyed campaigns in Nevada, Iowa, Kentucky, and California. While campaigning, Mindy managed canvass data analytics, and operations. Mindy led multiple teams throughout the country, crossing timezones and state lines.

Mindy received an M.A. in Political Management from George Washington University, and a B.A. in Sociology and Political Science from UCLA.

In her spare time, Mindy enjoys snowboarding, watching sports (Dodgers, UCLA Bruins, LA Lakers, Washington Caps, and the X-games), and going to concerts with her husband.


Online: Course content is delivered weekly through an online learning platform where you can engage with your instructor and classmates at your convenience. Assignments are due regularly, but there are no required class meetings. Optional office hours with the instructor are offered through Zoom. This flexible learning format allows you to access course content anywhere, anytime, on your schedule.


September 19 - December 4

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