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Fundamentals of Blockchain Technology


$ 999



11 Weeks



दिनांक समय


September 19 - December 4

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The course aims to provide a solid and holistic foundation of the technology which is useful irrespective of the function and role of the student (project management, legal, compliance, operations, business development, IT/technology, digital transformation, finance, strategy, and others). It covers the fundamentals, including understanding the difference between decentralization, distributed ledger (DLT), blockchain technology, and bitcoin. It also covers blockchain’s unique characteristics which makes it a powerful solution to solve some critical challenges. The course also covers the blockchain structure (public versus private and permission models), smart contracts, and the blockchain stack (layers). While it is focused on blockchain technology, the course aims to position the technology in the larger context of digital transformation, traditional technologies, and as a complement to other emerging technologies (for example Internet of Things or machine learning). Students get exposure to real organizations, use cases, and continuously apply theory to real business problems.

आपका प्रशिक्षक

Robert Mowry

Robert Mowry

Robert Mowry has extensive experience in the blockchain technology space. He is currently a partner at the Altcoin Accelerator, a Los Angeles-based blockchain innovation studio. A software developer by profession, he is deeply passionate about blockchain technology in relation to governance, transparency, cybersecurity, coding education, cryptography, crowdfunding, and intellectual property. He has launched several blockchain platforms, delivering a timely perspective on the newest iteration of the internet, Web3.

Robert received his B.A. in Urban Studies and Planning from the University of California, San Diego and is currently completing his Financial Technology Master of Engineering degree from the Pratt School of Engineering at Duke University. He is the author of his book - Decentralized Social Media: Delivering Value Creators Deserve, and is a regular speaker at LA Blockchain Summit.

निर्देश प्रारूप

Online: Course content is delivered weekly through an online learning platform where you can engage with your instructor and classmates at your convenience. Assignments are due regularly, but there are no required class meetings. Optional office hours with the instructor are offered through Zoom. This flexible learning format allows you to access course content anywhere, anytime, on your schedule.

दिनांक समय

September 19 - December 4

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